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Dr Gary Galambos Urges the Regulators to Return to the Hippocratic Oath to Safeguard the Doctor-Patient Therapeutic Relationship - Not Bureaucracy

Dr Gary Galambos recently spoke with Taylor Auerbach from Sky News on safeguarding the therapeutic relationship between doctors and their patients.

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Dr Gary Galambos Announces MindSkiller’s Collaboration with Jewish House

MindSkiller® partners with Jewish House, an organisation that provides refuge, welfare, and psychological support to individuals in crisis situations.

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The Importance of Safeguarding Patient Data: Insights from Dr Gary Galambos at RANZCP Annual Congress

Dr Gary Galambos spoke at the annual RANZCP Congress in Perth (May 2023) about the importance of safeguarding patient data. The topic is even more significant in the face of the increasing prevalence of US-style managed care in Australia.

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Dr Gary Galambos Opposes US-Style Managed Care in Australia

Citing concerns over US-style managed care and patient privacy, Dr Gary Galambos has been a guiding voice in campaigning against US Managed Care corporations exploiting Australians.

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Dr Gary Galambos, Psychiatrist, Leads Innovative Mental Health Research Program At Uspace

Spearheaded by Dr Galambos, Uspace launched a new research program into four hi-tech strategies to improve clinical care for young adults with mental health problem. Innovations include transcranial magnetic stimulation, virtual reality, dialectical behavioural therapy and online mental health literacy.

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