MindSkiller is a digital mental health platform founded and developed by Assoc/Prof Gary Galambos to fill the gaps in the existing mental health care system, namely: the inability of the current system to meet the growing demand for specialist mental health services, the need for specialist-grade mental health education, and his concern about the limited development of sophisticated digital tools to improve the efficiency of psychiatric care.

The platform delivers specialist-grade mental health education, training, and innovation to both help-seekers and help-providers through three services: eLEARNING, CONNECT, and PLUS.

MindSkiller’s eLEARNING units were developed from real-life insights whilst Assoc/Prof Galambos was treating patients at Uspace and his private practice in Sydney. By completing these animated, interactive eLEARNING units, users gain a comprehensive understanding of various mental health diagnoses, management plans and treatments. Units focus on diagnoses such as depression, anxiety, ADHD and general mental health. Users can also complete brief knowledge check after each module to earn a MindSkiller Certification in Mental Health Literacy, allowing them to offer educational assistance to others via MindSkiller CONNECT.

MindSkiller CONNECT was inspired by Assoc/Prof Galambos’ experience treating young adults who needed to learn how to help-seek. It enables help-seekers to instantly access or arrange a brief appointment with help-providers via video conference to seek guidance about eLEARNING units they are working through. MindSkiller help-providers can be clinicians, mentors, peer support, or coaches.

PLUS is a carefully selected directory of quality, innovative mental health services and technologies such as TMS, virtual reality, and ADHD clinics. PLUS offers personalised recommendations, ensuring users access the relevant resources and services that align with their needs.



Assoc/Prof Galambos is the Medical Director and one of the founding psychiatrists of Uspace, the youth and young adult mental health service at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Sydney. To complement its high-quality clinical care, Uspace offers innovative interventions such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), online mental health literacy on MindSkiller, with the exciting addition of scent-augmented virtual reality to come.



VisionTMS provides a groundbreaking model of TMS (transcranial magnetic therapy), with a difference – it is the first TMS treatment service to use MRI-guided high-precision scanning to locate the exact cells within the brain that will respond to therapy, and to deliver TMS courses directly from a statewide network of radiology clinics. Transcranial magnetic stimulation is used for treating patients with various types of depression and anxiety disorders, and there is strong evidence to support its effectiveness in treating patients with treatment-resistant depression.