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Psychiatric Emergencies - Lecture

The following is derived from lectures that I have given in Jan 2006 intended for the teaching of trainee psychiatrists. It is a combination of the author's views and published guidelines based on best practice principles derived from studies and expert opinions.

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Is it Dementia or Just Old Age?

by Dr John Stevens

Paperback - 160 pages

Publisher: Ibis Publishing Australia; ISBN: 1920923950

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Anxiety Disorders

A (Attach. Arch. Disr.)

Bowlby considered care-eliciting, care-giving, competitive power-seeking and cooperating as derivatives and developmental expressions of the affiliation & bonding archetype. Neurotic illness may occur due to deficient parental care frustrating archetypal anticipations, as maturation proceeds through a sequence of innate expectations which the environment either fulfils or fails to meet.

1.1A (Mod. Malf. Dis. / Attach. Arch. Disr.)

Schore (2002) argues that the predisposition for arousal dysregulation under stress in those with anxiety disorders, results from dysregulati...

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Feb/Mar 2018 NSW Branch Newsletter

I’m on the home stretch of my second (and last) term in this role. That leaves one more newsletter to go after this column! This is my time to begin some reflection about the most salient experience of my professional life: representing you, my NSW colleagues, to lead positive change these past four years.

There have been some difficult moments – because, to have any chance of actually seeing change occur in the current political climate (rather than engage in lots and lots of talking in meetings that go somewhere in the vague direction of their title but don’t somehow seem to reach any concre...

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Metaphorical models - Anxiety Disorders


Anxiety is adaptive. It drives the athlete, motivating them to compete, to train, to perform and to win. It drives the student to attend lectures, to read boring textbooks, to study and to pass. They may be anxious about failure, about humiliation, about losing self-esteem, losing confidence, losing momentum, about letting others down, or merely anxious to chase success. There are numerous fears that might trigger anxiety that is adaptive as it helps to drive some behaviour that is deemed adaptive for the individual.

Panic attacks

Anxiety may also be triggered by danger, by t...

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