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Metaphorical models - Psychotic Disorders

Psychosis is terminology of the medical model. It refers to symptoms (feelings, thoughts and behaviour) that doctors / mental health professionals objectively perceive in the patient. To the patient, a different perspective is experienced. Telling a psychotic patient that the voice they are hearing is not real or the belief that a conspiracy is occurring around them is not real is like trying to convince someone that the chair they are sitting on does not really exist,

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Practical books about depression and bipolar disorder

Managing Depression Growing Older A guide for professionals and carers Kerrie Eyers, Gordon Parker and Henry Brodaty

Tackling Depression at Work A practical guide for employees and managers Kerrie Eyers and Gordon Parker

Navigating Teenage Depression A guide for parents and professionals Gordon Parker and Kerrie Eyers

Mastering Bipolar Disorder An insider's guide to managing mood swings and finding balance Edited by Kerrie Eyers and Gordon Parker, 2008

Journeys with the Black Dog Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel


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