Dr Gary Galambos is honoured with an Associate Professorship by The University of Notre Dame

We are pleased to announce that Dr Gary Galambos has been honoured with the appointment of Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor at the School of Medicine at The University of Notre Dame Australia.

The title has been awarded in recognition of Gary's association with The University of Notre Dame, his commitment to research, and his continuing role in training and innovation in mental health.

It also acknowledges Gary's contribution to research via the research program he established at Uspace, the young adult mental health unit at St Vincent's Private Hospital in Sydney, where he is Medical Director. Gary says, "..I think the Associate Professor was granted in recognition of the research program that I've established, which I established to study the outcomes of patients going through the unit that are receiving enhanced healthcare as a result of the MindSkiller platform that has various functions such as training, education, and it's a case management tools as well. And one of the latest most exciting features of it is that it incorporates outcome measures, so it can actually facilitate research in the private sector which is known to be very…complex."

The role MindSkiller will play in enhancing clinical care, improving patient outcomes, and educating the community on mental health has captured the interest of the university, as well as senior academics in the field, such as Professor Kay Wilhelm.

Gary’s appointment is also in recognition of his senior role in assisting The University of Notre Dame medical students with their training at St Vincent's Private Hospital, a endeavour that Gary feels strongly about. "I'd like to educate this next generation of medical students in the potential use of technologies in mental health care," says Gary. "The medical students coming through University of Notre Dame Australia and perhaps the wider medical student community."

Through his partnership with The University of Notre Dame, Gary hopes to contribute to the university’s knowledge base through his ongoing role as an educator and his research into innovative technologies and mental health.

Gary is also in the process of writing an application to the UNDA’s Ethics Committee for approval to conduct research into using artificial intelligence as a tool for assisting with psychometric testing.