Dr Gary Galambos Announces MindSkiller’s Collaboration with Jewish House

MindSkiller®, the digital mental health literacy platform founded by Dr Gary Galambos, is off to a promising start with a partnership with Jewish House.

Dr Galambos, who also serves as the Medical Director of Uspace, the young adult mental health service at St. Vincent Private Hospital, has established a partnership between MindSkiller® and Jewish House.

Rabbi Mendel Kastel, the CEO of Jewish House, has worked alongside Uspace for 12 years, helping young adults access the care they need.

"When MindSkiller® launched, a partnership with Jewish House felt like a natural evolution in our relationship," Dr Galambos reflects. "We felt it would be good for our social impact to build a strategic partnership and give free access to Jewish House, allowing them to onboard any of their clientele and staff so they can enhance their mental health literacy."

Jewish House is an organisation that provides refuge, welfare, and psychological support to individuals in crisis situations — including those facing homelessness, domestic violence, or mental illness. They offer a wide range of services aimed at helping people rebuild meaningful, self-sufficient lives. This dedication to education and support aligns seamlessly with Uspace's person-centred care and MindSkiller's innovative approach to mental health literacy.

"We at Jewish House are very excited to partner with MindSkiller®, and we have been working with Dr Galambos for many years," Rabbi Kastel says. "MindSkiller's new platform will be a game changer for our clients, their families, and our workers..."

Jewish House and their soon-to-be-released app, which allows patients to provide consent for their care pathways, will be featured on MindSkiller® PLUS— a service that offers MindSkiller® users access to a personalised list of mental health tools, interventions, and organisations. Through the partnership, the MindSkiller® platform will also be incorporated into Jewish House's counselling services.

As for Dr Galambos' plans for MindSkiller®, he hopes that this collaboration will pave the way for the platform to make an impact in the "charity sector" and expand accessibility to a broader audience.

"I am excited to be able to support the work of Jewish House while getting feedback on how MindSkiller® is working in the field," Dr Galambos concludes. "There are new opportunities down the pipeline, like getting businesses to sponsor the partnership... MindSkiller® could be spread by some sponsors who work with Jewish House and other charities."

For further details about this partnership, refer to The Australian Jewish News or Dr Galambos’ Linkedin.